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Translation of a Bismuth-Gadolinium Nanoparticle for MR-guided Radiation Therapy

NIH 1R01CA240804
Role: PI
Major Goals: To develop and test a novel Bi-Gd nanoparticle for use in MR-guided radiation therapy.

A Surface Chemistry Guided Approach to the Rational Design of Low-energy Electron Emitting Nanomaterials

NIH 1R56EB027683
Role: Subcontract PI (PI: Sykes and Mace)
Major Goals: To design and test novel nanoparticles for radiotherapy applications

A Novel Flat-panel Detector for Advanced On-board Radiation Therapy Imaging

NIH 1R01CA188446
Role: PI
Major Goals: To design, build and test a new detector for beam’s-eye-view imaging during lung cancer radiation therapy.

Master Research Agreement

Varian Medical Systems, Inc.
Role: PI
Major Goals: This agreement funds multiple projects in clinical medical physics.

Nanobody Immune-guided Radiation Therapy

ViewRay, Inc.
Role: Co-PI (Co-PI Schoenfeld)
Major Goals: To develop and test nanobodies conjugated to MRI-contrast nanoparticles for imaging immune receptor status in vivo.

CaNCURE: Cancer Nanomedicine Co-ops for Undergraduate Research Experiences

NIH 1R25CA174650
Role: Mentor (PI: Sridhar)
Major Goals: To train the next generation of scientists, technologists and physicians skilled in research at the interface of nanotechnology, biology and medicine.


Gold Nanoparticles as Vascular Disrupting Agents in Radiation Therapy of NSCLC

NIH 1R21CA188833
Role: PI
Major Goals: To study tumor blood vessel disruption during radiation therapy in combination with targeted gold nanoparticles in a lung tumor model.

Enhancing tumor vascular damage with gold nanoparticles aided radiation therapy

NIH 1R03CA164645
Role: PI
Major Goals: To study the mechanism of action in gold nanoparticle aided radiotherapy.

Lung Sparing for SBRT with beam’s-eye-view images and real time tumor tracking

NIH 1R21CA156068
Role: PI
Major Goals: To develop a real-time lung tumor tracking system.


  • JCRT Foundation
  • Brigham Research Institute
  • Kaye Scholar Award
  • Varian Medical Systems, Inc.
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